Game design and 3D modeling

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Mr.Welder’s Pinball Defence – is a unique genre mix where the old good pinball arcade meets the tower defense strategy. You can build and maintain trap towers anywhere in the improvised pinball field. To activate the trap you should hit it with a ball. Besides you can do damage to aliens directly with a ball. Damage from the ball can be temporarily increased by colliding with several traps in a row (the ball getting hotter from this so it can do more damage). Each level contains a central mechanism that can be controlled by the player. The main purpose of the game is to destroy the mothership flying saucer.
Clumsy Space – android casual game. You were careless by pressing up the buttons and levers on the spaceship, thus ending up in outer space. You don’t have much oxygen to get back.
Highly customizable modular soldiers of Ukraine’s defense forces, animated and game ready.
Modular NATO Soldiers customizable animated and game ready.

   Modular Russian Occupant customizable animated and game ready.
Customizable China PLA soldiers pack animated and game ready.