Game Projects

Mr. Welder’s Pinball Defense tells the story of Mr. Welder, a hard-working farmer who loves pinball. When the alien invasion began, he knew exactly what to do—he built his pinball defense to protect his farm and humanity from the invaders. You can construct and maintain trap towers anywhere in the improvised pinball field. To activate a trap, you need to hit it with the ball. Additionally, you can directly damage aliens using the ball. The more traps you consecutively hit, the hotter the ball becomes, inflicting greater damage. Each level features a central mechanism that you can activate and control to unleash special effects. The primary objective of the game is to destroy the mothership flying saucer. Get ready to confront a serpentine and perilous enemy.

Mr.Welder’s Pinball Defence – is a unique genre mix that combines the classic arcade fun of pinball with the strategic challenge of tower defense.